Why You Should Pursue A Big Data Analytics Career?

The big data market is on the upswing that cannot be disputed. Sample this:

  • The global big data market for software and services is expected to surge to a whopping USD 549.73 billion by 2028 at an impressive CAGR of 13.2 percent.
  • The global big data and business analytics market size is projected to reach USD 684.12 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 13.5% from 2021 to 2030.
  • According to Forrester's predictions, software and services are expected to grow by 10.5 percent in 2022, and IT services are estimated to see a bump of 6.8 percent.

The positive sentiment echoes loudly among potential users of big data analytics. About 60 percent of top executives believe the use of big data in their organizations could become even more impactful when combined with the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Further, a report from Accenture suggests that 83 percent of executives are already pursuing Big Data projects to gain a significant competitive edge. Over 79 percent of company executives believe that firms that are not embracing big data will soon face extinction.

Clearly, the sector has massive potential, which is why a number of professionals and young students look to make it their domain and set off on a bright career path.

Top Reasons to Pursue a Career in Big Data Analytics

1. Rising Demand for Data Analytics Professionals

Companies across the world have a big repository of data available to them, but there is an acute shortage of analytics professionals who can use it to further business growth. And, with nobody to work on them, the datasets become irrelevant.

2. Scarcity of People Possessing the Requisite Skillsets

As per a recent study by the McKinsey Global institute, the US currently has a shortage of about 190,000 data scientists and 1.5 million analysts. This shortage is not only because of increased demand for data science professionals, but also due to lack of skilled professionals with the needed expertise to fill vacancies.

3. Big Paychecks

Average big data analytics salary across in Unites States

Soaring demand for data analytics professionals has boosted the salaries for this job profile to a whole different level. The average annual salary of a data analyst in the US is as high as USD 130,384.

Big Data Analytics – the Topmost Priority in Organizations Across the World

Some of the key findings of the Peer Research survey on the Use of Big Data Analytics shows that:

  • About 45 percent of respondents said that Big Data Analytics will help achieve accurate business insights
  • About 38 percent wanted to use it to identify sales and market opportunities
  • About 60 percent believed that Big Data Analytics will help boost the social media marketing capabilities of the company.

Analytics: A Critical Factor in Business Decision-Making

Analytics acts as a major source of competitive advantage for most companies at the moment. As per an ‘Analytics Advantage’ survey conducted under Tom Davenport, 96 percent of respondents said that analytics will become more vital in the years to come, as there exist huge datasets that remain unused till date.

Besides, 49 percent of the respondents said that analytics will empower better and informed decision-making.

Abundance of Unstructured Data containing potentially Valuable Information

The Peer Research survey clearly indicated an abundance of unstructured and semi-structured data in the form of weblogs, e-mail, photos, videos, and social media content. About 84 percent of respondents said that their organizations are currently analyzing such data to drive informed business decisions.

A Plethora of Choices in Job Roles and Titles

From a career perspective, there are multiple choices available for a person with skills in data science, both in terms of the nature of the job and of the job domain.

Today, analytics is required in every industry, and therefore you are presented with numerous job titles to choose from. The job profiles include:

  • Big Data Engineer
  • Big Data Analyst
  • Big Data Analytics Architect
  • Analytics Associate
  • Big Data Solution Architect
  • Metrics and Analytics Specialist
  • Big Data Analytics Business Consultant
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant

Data science methodologies are poised to disrupt and enhance several industries and domains, thereby creating a number of jobs for professionals with the right data science skillsets. Certainly, 2022 is the right time for individuals with analytical skills to change the fate of a business and turn it around by choosing to work in the field of big data analytics.