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For institutions from emerging nations to get affordably accredited on the fast track by world’s leading standards bodies in data science and artificial intelligence.

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Conditions Applicable:

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  • My institution is interested in being considered for getting accredited under a WDSI subsidy.
  • I have the necessary mandate from my university/ institution to make this request for getting accredited under the WDSI subsidy program.
  • My institution will attend to and respond timely to the messages and communication shared by WDSI with my university/ institution through emailers and phone in response to this application.
  • Submission of this form neither marks the grant of WDSI subsidy or WDSI-partnership, nor entitles the applicant-institution for making any such claim.
  • There is no application fee being charged for this exercise.
  • If this application is approved, my institution will be recommended to WDSI empaneled and sponsor accreditation bodies namely, the Data Science Council of America (DASCA) and the Artificial Intelligence Board of America (ARTiBA) for subsidized accreditation.
  • A subsidized fee will be charged from my institution for accreditation and certification of students under the program.
  • Grant -in-aid may be considered for my institution for setting up a center of excellence, only after my institution obtains accreditation and it qualifies the other WDSI norms.
  • A WDSI shortlisted / awardee institution does not earn the rights to declare itself a WDSI affiliated Institution until it has obtained accreditation and its accreditation status is in good standing.

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